Morality in Capitalism

Marcus Garvey, Malcom X, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King Jr. were all from the Afrikans school of thought. The perfect balance of spirit and self-reliance.

They understood the impact unity had when it came to creating self reliant societies, and the importance of a balanced spirit is to be of sound moral character and judgement, our systems according to the Afrikan history scholars were complete systems, there was no waste, there was no lack, everything was reinforced to sustain itself, hence we cannot top our ancestors when it comes to achievements, hence we cannot build pyramids today.

Currency was used as a trading tool not as a means to determine worth or livelihood. For worth to exist lack has to exist. They’re two sides of the same coin.

Back then one was rewarded on one’s works to the people and society, especially, as a leader. People would build monuments, pyramids, obelisks and such. In honor of the ruler who served them. Now money rewards work, whether it’s good for the people, or if it’s beneficial for society or the environment is irrelevant, with the right figure, anyone can be bought.

Moral fiber, in corporations, which is supposed to guide them towards righteous, self sustaining creations/inventions is substituted by laws. They guide legal, illegal, moral and immoral and most of the time, what matters most to these companies, more than morals, is the law. As long as it’s legal to kill the environment, companies will keep doing so.

As long as it’s legal for profit to exist in the midst of inequality & poverty, companies will keep doing so. So in our journey of creating entities, we must integrate our knowledge so we can discuss progress, morally, intellectually, environmentally, socially and emotionally.



About Don Luthando Mabika

Teenager from the East Coast of Azania counteracting the white man's brainwashing tactics. Join the movement.
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