Now or Never.

The modern world is so obsessed with: being one, speaking one language, looking the same, being controlled by one state.

Being conscious would mean thinking on your own. Being true to yourself and your fellow black brothers and sisters. Teaching your children that it is OK to be different, boasting the african economy. It’s not a system that excludes other races but it’s a way of life black people should, by all means, live by. It’s a legacy I think we are building for our children. Black children can not lose their mother tongue, they cannot feel they are better than a fellow Afrikan. They should, without a thought, promote each other. We live in a world where black on black hate is promoted in social medias, we need to believe in ourselves. There isn’t a foreign policy that can free a black mind, the media keeps choking us with white solutions we see it in movies. The black race can’t function without a white face. What message does it send? Now more than ever being conscious is needed.


About Don Luthando Mabika

Teenager from the East Coast of Azania counteracting the white man's brainwashing tactics. Join the movement.
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