We’re a good partnership, you and I!

There is immense revolutionary power in numbers united behind a common goal. The eternal essence of this truth was realised by colonialists  and thus proceeded with their imposition when they divided and conquered the original people of Africa. Continue reading

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Edward Brooke – First African American Elected US Senator.

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Did the Black Consciousness Movement spark the Soweto riots? (BCM South Africa)

Sowetan students showing anger towards Afrikaans.

Sowetan students showing anger towards Afrikaans.

A friend of mine, in an attempt to rebuff the significance of the Black Consciousness Movement, said: “Black Consciousness was the principal factor that triggered the youth of Soweto to revolt against oppression.” I don’t believe he was completely correct so I decided to write a bit on the causes of the Soweto Riots.

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#AllLivesMatter vs. #BlackLivesMatter


The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter has been truly inspiring this year, it has been a movement that has been needed and has really opened all of our eyes to the reality of police brutality in America. What has aggravated me recently is that many white people have spoken out against this movement and said that the movement itself is racist and that we should instead use the hashtag #AllLivesMatter. I saw a picture posted on twitter that wonderfully explained the absurdity of holding this view:


Those who believe that the hashtag #AllLivesMatter think that they are being more broad and therefore more equal, when they do not get that they are actually undermining the whole purpose of the #BlackLivesMatter cause. A great analogy that I read (but can’t remember who wrote) stated that you do not go to people chanting “Save the Rainforests!” in a protest and then interpret this as saying…

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Black Consciousness In South Africa

The Black Consciousness Movement is arguably the most influential student movement in the 1970s, in Apartheid South Africa. Black Consciousness is defined as the awareness of one’s identity as a black person.Freedom For South Africa Continue reading

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